Loan offers

- Compensation

- Self-buyout

- Restructuring


Compensation shall constitute up to 10% of the selling value.

UkrBorg Kompensatsiya eng

Independent purchase means a possibility to purchase the pledged property by one payment or by installments for up to 6 months. In such case the discount shall be 25% of the market value for the items being on the creditor’s books and 30% - for the items not being on the creditor’s books.

UkrBorg Samovikup eng

Debt restructuring, in other words installment plan for up to 2 years: the amount to be restructured shall depend on the amount of a deposit payment and a period of restructuring. Discount of 10% of the market value of the real estate item shall be granted in case that the deposit payment constitutes 30% of the market value of the real estate item and the period of 2 years.

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